Why use an agent?

You may have considered not using an agent and letting on managing the property yourself. Here is why we recommend using an agent:

Letting a property can be stressful. Right now there are around 150 laws which Govern landlords who wish to let a property. Many of which come with financial penalties, inability to evict, and even prison sentences for not adhering to them. In addition to this, the rules and regulations landlords have to follow are continually changing. Don't worry, it's ok if you don't know them all, that's what we're for!

We’re regularly contacted by landlords who have suffered weeks of rental void period, achieving less than market value returns, tenants defaulting on rental payments, damages to their property or simply not being aware of the consequences of getting the administration right at the start of the tenancy. We see the same situations arise frequently and usually in an attempt to save paying an agent fee; however, a proactive and reputable agent, like Haus Will more than save you the cost of their fee, and we are happy to explain how….


We opt to be regulated to ensure we work to a higher standard than the law requires; offering you better financial and legal protection. So in the unlikely event that something did go wrong, you aren't left dealing with it alone and you won't end up out of pocket.

Local Knowledge

With extensive and up-to-date local market knowledge we can value your property at the maximum achievable rent. We Factor in the current supply and demand, the time of year, along with the specification of your property. Our experienced lettings value is our key to getting this right first time.

Huge Tenant Database

With access to hundreds of prospective tenants we can let your property quickly and minimise your voice period, saving you hundreds and even thousands of pounds in Lost rent for every week your property sits on the market, unlet.


We market your property on websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla which aren't available to private landlords.

Pre-tenancy service

Whether it is advising on how to achieve the best rental return, guidance of your legal obligations and arranging cleaning and inventory preparation, our qualified team are here to help you get it right at the start.

Checking in your tenant

With hundreds of tenants moving in and out of properties over a 24-hour period, we know how important it is to get it right first time. With years of perfecting this busy season, we are experts on ensuring a smooth changeover in tenancies. A full inventory and condition report is carried out as standard for our fully managed properties along with arranging the essential safety certificates ensuring you and your tenants are fully protected. We issue your tenants keys and handle any initial enquiries, maintenance and cleaning requests. We will even notify the utility companies and local council of the tenancy commencement, so you won't be hit with any unexpected bills.

Reference Checks

We carry out comprehensive references as well as credit and identity checks to reduce the chances of you getting stuck with a bad tenant.

Remove Stress

We provide a buffer zone between landlord and Tenant helping our landlords avoid promising something that they later regret, or simply the tenants having their telephone number 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

Network of tradespeople

We have access to the most reputable and reliable tradespeople at competitive rates. Because we provide our contractors with a regular stream of work, we can save you the money and provide peace of mind by using fully vetted and recommended tradespeople.


We can advise you on many aspects of the property industry such as repairs and maintenance schedule to ensure that your property holds its value. As well as putting you in touch with our reputable trading partners such as local accountants’ solicitors, mortgage and financial advisers. All of whom can offer you a preferential rate, should you require it.

Save Time

Most importantly; we save you time! We can't quantify this but we believe your time is priceless, so let us take care of everything so you can spend your time doing something you enjoy!

Why Haus is the agent of choice in your area

Let's keep this one simple...

Quality tenants

We source quality tenants that are right for you and your property

Proactive negotiators

We achieve an offer on 75% of our properties within 14 days of marketing your property!

Best rental price

We achieve is 97% of asking price for every property we let

Rent paid

Our rent collection service is outstanding; the current rate stands at 99% paid on time

Qualified and knowledgeable property Specialists

80% of our friendly team are NFOPP qualified to technical award Level 3 or higher

Trustworthy and protected

We abide by strict codes of practice and are regulated by TPO, TDS and CMP to ensure we are always delivering the highest standards of service. This also ensures your money is always protected.

24/7 service

With our online landlord hub and Haus chat service you have access to our team 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. But if the online way isn't for you, we always welcome our clients’ calls or visits in branch for a coffee.

At Haus, we understand what is important to our landlord's and ensure our service meets these requirements as a minimum standard. We listen to what you want so we can better tailor our service and deliver a bespoke, client-focused experience that we are proud of.

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Why use an agent?